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Mia Investment was founded by three seasoned partners who have a combined experience of nearly nine decades in designing, developing and constructing airports, shopping malls, high-rises and mix-use projects.


Aiming for both global excellence and creativity, Mia Investment has developed over 4 million square meters of construction projects and designed over 35 million square meters of projects to date.

Mia Investment, never losing sight of its architectural quality and high quality service principles, is envisioning to become one of Europe’s top players within a few years by developing its best projects.


Mia Investment also guides investors to make informed buying and investment decisions, and is committed to creating sustainable value and designing and developing affordable luxury living spaces with its quality and innovative projects and investments.




Mia Budva is developing a mixed-use project with residences, a five-star hotel and shopping units in Montenegro, the rising star of Europe.

Residences ranging from one bedroom apartments to penthouses offer a luxurious life with optional furniture accessories, a seaside location in the middle of the Bay of Budva and the Adriatic Sea landscape.


Sera Group was founded in 1995 and has developed 2.6 million square meters of infrastructure and superstructure projects in Turkey and abroad. Sera Group is also a player in the civil aviation industry, and a partner of TAV Airports Holding, Turkey’s leading airport operator, TAV Construction and all of its parent organizations, and Istanbul Fast Ferries Co. Inc. (IDO).

Founded in 1995, İki Design Group has completed hundreds of projects covering over 35 million square meters in Turkey and abroad. The company has received 66 awards, including from major international competitions such as MIPIM and the International Property Awards.

Celebrating half a century in business, Fontana Investment invests in shopping malls and housing and tourism projects with a particular emphasis on branded real estate development since the early 2000’s.
A trailblazer in all industries it operates, Fontana Investment invests around the world with an eye on becoming one of Europe’s leading real estate development companies.


Tanburi Ali Efendi Sk. no:18
Etiler 34337 Beşiktaş İstanbul

Slovenska Plaza bb 85310
Budva, Montenegro

Phone: +90 212 570 66 66
E-mail: info@miainvesment.com

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